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The home of Virginia Football

Football Operations Center

The complex includes a Football Operations Center. The current home of Virginia Football, the McCue Center, opened in 1991 and is no longer suitable to house the needs of a Power 5 conference football program. Since the McCue Center opened, every current ACC football program has renovated or opened a new support facility.

Virginia's Football Operations Center will provide our student-athletes and coaches every opportunity to field a consistently competitive program. More importantly, this facility will allow our coaches and staff to safely and effectively train and develop our student-athletes. The Football Operations Center will feature a team locker room, position rooms, a team meeting room and coaches' and staff offices. In addition, there will be areas for strength and conditioning, sports medicine, sports nutrition, video operations, sports science and recovery and an equipment room.

"The Center gives us equal footing with our competitors to achieve what we all want—exceptional football with exceptional people who are exceptional students."
—Head Football Coach Bronco Mendenhall

Naming Opportunities

Football Operations Center
Football Operations Center $35,000,000
Meeting Rooms
Team Meeting Room - RESERVED $1,000,000
Offensive Team Meeting Room $500,000
Defensive Team Meeting Room - RESERVED $500,000
Quarterbacks Meeting Room - RESERVED $250,000
Running Backs Meeting Room $250,000
Receivers Meeting Room $250,000
Tight End Meeting Room $250,000
Offensive Line Meeting Room $250,000
Defensive Line Meeting Room - RESERVED $250,000
Outside Linebackers Meeting Room $250,000
Inside Linebackers Meeting Room - RESERVED $250,000
Secondary Meeting Room $250,000
Special Teams Meeting Room $250,000
Defensive Staff Meeting Room - RESERVED $100,000
Offensive Staff Meeting Room - RESERVED $100,000
Head Coach Office $1,000,000
Offensive Coordinator Office - RESERVED $250,000
Defensive Coordinator Office - RESERVED $250,000
Assistant Coaches Offices (10) - 2 RESERVED $100,000
Head Strength Coach Office - RESERVED $100,000
Assistant Strength Coaches Offices $50,000
Trainers Office - RESERVED $50,000
Equipment Manager Office $50,000
Nutritionist Office - RESERVED $50,000
Other Staff Offices - 1 RESERVED $50,000
Support Rooms
Team Locker Room - RESERVED $500,000
Sports Medicine/Training Room $500,000
Strength and Conditioning Room - RESERVED $500,000
Coaching Staff Locker Room - RESERVED $100,000
Football Equipment Room - RESERVED $100,000
Video Analysis Room - RESERVED $100,000
Hydro Therapy Room - RESERVED $100,000
Lobby/Reception - RESERVED $250,000
Nutrition/Fuel Station - RESERVED $100,000
Lockers - 1 RESERVED $25,000