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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Football Operations Center being built first?

Significant momentum has been generated by the football program over the past few years. The Cavaliers defeated Virginia Tech and won the ACC Coastal Division championship in 2019. UVA has recorded the second-most ACC wins over the past few years with an 17-2 home record during this time. Now is the time to invest in our football program. The completion of the Football Operations Center will assist our football program in its drive to win championships through the recruitment and the development of student-athletes. A successful football program will generate revenue to fund operations for the entire athletics department.

Construction of the Football Operations Center will also enable the McCue Center to be renovated and provide space for our championship Olympic Sports. Many of these sports are currently housed in temporary structures in the Training Grounds.

Q: Is the Master Plan fundraising campaign still active?

Yes! We are continuing to raise funds for the Master Plan. Our shift in focus will enable existing space in the McCue Center to be used. External Operations will remain in Bryant Hall. Completion of the Football Operations Center is an important step in the completion of the overall Athletics Master Plan.

Q: When will the Football Operations Center be complete?

The construction timeline depends on fundraising. We need to raise the necessary funds to complete the construction documents and then must have pledges in writing to fund construction of the building.

Q: I can't make a significant gift, but I would like to help fund the Football Operations Center. What can I do to help?

Great and thank you for your support. We welcome gifts at every level and hope all of our supporters contribute in some way to this important project.

Q: My true passion is for another sport at UVA. Why should I give to the Football Operations Center?

First, thank you for your support. An investment in football will provide a solid foundation for the entire athletics department, including our Olympic Sports programs.