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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon will construction begin?

Abatement of University Hall, Onesty Hall and the Cage has taken place and those buildings have been demolished. We expect construction of the Master Plan complex to begin in the spring of 2021.

Q: What new buildings are part of the Master Plan?

A new Football Operations Center will be constructed along with a new Olympic Sports Center. The Master Plan also calls for the renovation of the McCue Center and the construction of three natural grass practice fields.

Q: What programming will be included in these new facilities?

The facilities will include locker rooms, position rooms, team meeting rooms, coaches and staff offices as well as areas for strength and conditioning, sports medicine, sports nutrition, video operations and equipment. The Olympic Sports Center will also house UVA's Center for Citizen Leaders and Sports Ethics. This Master Plan will benefit all of UVA's 750 student-athletes competing across 27 varsity sports.

Q: What will be the impact to parking in the area of the master plan?

We expect to gain parking spaces in the athletics precinct once the Master Plan is complete. A University-wide parking study is underway and the athletics precinct will be included in this overall plan.

Q: Are any parts of University Hall preserved?

Not of the building, but the last basketball court that was used in University Hall has been re-purposed in a number of ways:

  1. Some of the panels are used in John Paul Jones Arena to extend the court in the arena available for practice.
  2. Pieces of the floor are used in the men's and women's basketball locker rooms at John Paul Jones Arena.
  3. A section of the court is used as floor in the Whole Foods grocery store in Charlottesville.
  4. Licensed products using pieces of the court and bricks from the building are for sale here.
  5. Sections are being stored for future use in displays at John Paul Jones Arena.
Q: If you are constructing a new facility for football and the Olympic sports programs, what will be the use of the McCue Center?

Administrative offices will remain in the McCue Center. In addition, the Virginia Athletics Foundation and the athletics department's external relations units will be moved into McCue once football and our Olympic sport coaches move into new facilities.